Crossroads Community Hub


We are a community hub that is based in Dickson’s Drive, Newton in Chester. We supply emergency food parcels and affordable food through our Greenway Grocer project.


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What We Do

The Crossroads Community Hub started during the Coronavirus pandemic by delivering emergency food parcels to those in need. We have extended this to try and bring hope as well as affordable food alongside emergency provision.

Crossroads Community Hub and Cheshire West Voluntary Action (CWVA) are now working together to run the Greenway Grocer, a project that delivers affordable fruit and vegetables using a bike along the Greenway cycle path.

Food Parcels


Monday, Thursday, Friday

If you, or someone you know, would like a food parcel, follow the instructions here (which can also be found in the main menu under ‘what we do’). In particular, you need to get a Foodbank referral code before picking up your food.

We deliver emergency food parcels to those in need, working with West Cheshire Foodbank.

Monday: we’re open for packing and delivery between 12noon and 3pm.

Thursday and Friday: we’re open alongside our cafe for people to collect their food.

Greenway Grocer


Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays

Delivering fresh, affordable fruit and vegetables via bike along the Greenway cycle path.

Meeting Place Cafe


Mondays (1pm -3pm)

Thursdays (10am-12pm & 1pm – 3pm)

Friday (10am – 12pm)

Held at the Crossroads Community Hub building – the New Church, Dicksons Drive in Newton, Chester (CH2 2BN). You’re welcome to come for a hot drink, a slice of cake and a chat.

We operate our cafe as a Warm Space as part of the Warm Welcome campaign.

Sanctuary Seekers


We welcome refugees and asylum seekers. To help us with this, we are part of the Welcome Churches Network.

Image describing new warm space opening times

New Opening Times


We are open longer! Our Warm Welcome Space, the Meeting Place Cafe, is now going to be open at the following times:

Monday, from 1pm to 3pm

Thursday, from 10am to 12pm (12 noon)

Thursday, from 1pm to 3pm

Friday, from 10am to 12pm (12 noon)

You are very welcome to come and join us during any of these times. We look forward to seeing you there!

Get Involved

Interested in what we do? You can help. Donate, volunteer, come along to the cafe or buy some fruit and veg.

We can also use people to help pack and deliver our emergency food parcels.

Greenway Grocer

Our Greenway Grocer project is delivering fresh fruit and vegetables using a bike. The bike will use the Greenway cycle path to visit different areas of Chester, taking healthy food to people in their own communities. This way, we aim to become a trusted source of affordable fruit and vegetables (which are provided by Hoole Food Market).

Emergency Food Parcels

Adults and Children Supported


The Hub began helping people provide emergency food parcels... and now we're excited to have the opportunity to provide affordable food, alongside emergency food, through the Greenway Grocer project.


– Rev. Andy Glover, Minister of Hoole Baptist Church, Lead Partner of Crossroads Community Hub.

We're delighted to be supporting Crossroads Community Hub with this project as it's a really innovative way to get food out to communities that need it the most.


– Steph Ellis, Food Strategy Lead at CWVA.

It's always been our desire to provide food to feed bodies and communities and fill hearts with hope through the work of the Hub.


– Rev. Andy Glover, Minister of Hoole Baptist Church, Lead Partner of Crossroads Community Hub.

It was great to get an emergency food parcel from Crossroads Community Hub. It was very well received.


– Service User.

A Special Thanks to Our Partners and Funders

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