If you want to donate some money to us via credit or debit card, Paypal or Direct Debit you can use our partner Springboard Chester to donate online. To be taken to our donation page, click here.

If you want to donate some goods in person to us, please see the guidelines below and drop your donation off to us when we are open (currently Monday 1-3pm, Thursday 10am-12pm and 1-3pm and Friday 10am-12pm). If you cannot get to us during our opening times, get in touch.

Donating in Person

For food donations, please note that we cannot take frozen foods, fresh milk, freash meat or any food that is past its sell-by date. We also cannot take alcohol or any alcoholic chocolates or cream.

We will always accept clothes and shoes etc., as long as they are clean because we do not have the facilities to clean them.

If you want some suggestions as to what to give, here is a list of the most common things we need:

UHT milk

Tinned meat (hotdogs, meatballs etc)

Tinned fish

Tinned fruit

Sponge / rice puddings

Coffee (small jars)

Long-life juice

Pasta sauce

Tinned veg (potatoes, carrots, green beans, tomatoes)

Tinned meals (spaghetti, chicken or veg curries, chilli)

Tinned soup

Jam and spreads

Shower gel

Shampoo / conditioner


Toilet rolls

Washing up liquid

Laundry detergent pods