Greenway Grocer

How We Got Started

The Greenway Grocer project started in 2021. The project is a part of the Crossroads Community Hub in partnership with Cheshire West Voluntary Action (CWVA). The Greenway Grocer is a bike that will use the Greenway cycle path to visit different areas of Chester, taking healthy food to people in their own communities where it is needed most.

The fruit and vegetables are supplied by Hoole Food Market.


An invite to join us for an ‘Open House’ on Friday 15 July 2022.

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Job description for Development Worker

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Our Mission

We are looking to extend the work we started with emergency food parcels via the Crossroads Community Hub. We are doing this by aiming to deliver affordable fruit and vegetables to communities along the Greenway cycle route.

The Greenway Grocer is a bike that visit different Chester communities. The idea is to deliver the affordable fruit and vegetables to people where they are, allowing easy access. The project will form strong links with local organisations and people. This way, the Greenway Grocer can pop up in these communities on a regular basis and become a trusted way for people to access affordable fruit and vegetables.

About Us

The Greenway Grocer project aims to deliver fresh fruit and vegetables to communities where it’s needed. If you live along the Greenway cycle path – look out for our bike! Otherwise, visit the Meeting Place Cafe on a Friday morning to buy some of our marvellous produce.

Fresh Produce

The Greenway Grocer project delivers lovely, fresh produce at affordable prices.

Bike Delivered!

Our bike can be spotted on the Greenway cycle path delivering our fruit and veg to communities.


Don’t forget that you can visit us by coming to the cafe that takes place in the Hub on a Friday morning.

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